About the Air Center

Welcome to the Roswell Air Center, where warm hospitality and professional excellence converge. As a small regional airport, we cater to a diverse community of travelers and air industry professionals. Whether you’re seeking unforgettable experiences or aiming to take your business to a new level, our commitment to delivering exceptional service sets us apart. The Roswell Air Center welcomes you to embrace the wildwest, the unique blend of warm hospitality and professional excellence that defines our airport.


Our success and exceptional service are driven by the remarkable individuals who form our dedicated team. With their unwavering commitment to excellence, our staff ensures that every visitor’s journey is marked by professionalism, and Southern New Mexico hospitality.

Jennifer Brady

Air Center Director

Jenna Lanfor

Air Center Deputy Director

Omar Gonzalez

Air Center Supervisor

John Monk


Leonel Riviera

Airfield Maintenance

Paul Vigil

Airfield Maintenance

James Perez

Airfield Maintenance

Don Fisher

Airport Security Coordinator

Rebecca Stogden

Airport Assistant Security Coordinator

Dawn Hymes

Security Administrative Assistant

Lisa Bennett

Senior Administrative Assistant

Flight School:

Po Box 3050
Roswell, New Mexico 88202

T-Hangar Rentals Available

Building 120
Space 4 1,175 Square Feet
Space 6 1,002 Square Feet

Building 119
Space 4 1,002 Square Feet